Blaqtach Group
here. always.

About Us

Blaqtach Group's core business is to engage in activities that support the day-to-day operations of other organisations. Establishes in 2015, we have mastered the art of handling administrative tasks for other companies effectively. The processes we follow employs e.g. general management, personnel administration, clerical activities, cleaning activities are often integral parts of the activities of establishments found in all sectors of the business operations. We cover a wide spectrum of need within individual and companies. Our highly effective team of business specialists and service providers work with best practices and state-of-the-art solutions.

You see we are Administrative Consultants and Administrative Consultants are often solopreneurs who work personally with clients in a collaborative, one-on-one relationship of ongoing administrative support. We are the administrative experts who keep our clients' businesses organised, humming along smoothly and moving forward. We are known for Companies Registration but we do more than just that. But Blaqtach Group has grown over that. We have designed a business model that serves as per your needs.
Administrative Support is the collection of ongoing, behind-the-scenes work and activities that must be attended to throughout the life of a business in order for it grow and run smoothly. It’s the backbone of every business and no business can run without it. What we do as administrative experts is that important. From as simple as documents collection to documents drafting, tenders briefing sessions and submissions, Blaqtach Group is here, always.